Pick-up is really not just about the women. It’s also about you, and about the other men in your vicinity. See, lots of guys get into pick-up and start seeing […]

Congratulations! You’ve been putting in the hard yards – making sure you look fresh as *&^%, practising your interesting conversation, crushing your fear of rejection, and learning everything there is […]

By this point, you’ve been practising your pick-up for a while. You’ve practiced the approach, you’ve got some good conversations that always deliver, and you’re no longer crushed by a […]

Picking up is easy if you’re in the environment and you have a few basic tactics up your sleeve. Typically, most pick-up artists work their magic in popular bars or […]

Welcome to the MACK Tactics Review. In these blog posts, I’m going to be helping you learn everything you need to know about picking up women, regardless of your track-record. […]